Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Center Piece Tutorial. Very cheap and Easy.

Very inexpensive table centerpiece. I made this from stuff between the dollar store and walmart. Items Needed: Cinnmon scented pinecones-Walmart Fake leaves, garnishments, etc- Dollar Store Glass Candle Stick - Dollar Store Glass Plate a little deep - Dollar Store A small candle - Dollar Store Hot Glue gun, or very very strong glue. To put together, I hotglued the candlestick holder to the glass plate. Its a lot easier if you lay the plate (upside down) and glue to candle stick in the center of the bottom of the plate. Wait a few minutes so the hot glue (or strong glue) can set. Next, add the candle. I had to hot glue mine down so it didn't slide around the plate while I added items. Next, add the pine cones around the candle, I had to dig through the bag to find the smaller pine cones, or brake up a few. Next add your garnishments, sticking the fake leaves sparatically in the pine cones. Thats it! You have a great little center piece, that makes your room smell wonderful!!

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